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Hello! My name is Chloe Stoops and this is my Girl Scout Gold Award Project, Women in STEM. The Gold Award is the highest achievement a Girl Scout can earn. It addresses a problem in the community and at least 80 hours are spent creating a sustainable project to solve it.


For my project I wanted to address the issue of women in STEM. STEM (Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering) has been a predominately male field. For example, according to the National Science Board's 2015 report, women represented only 28% of the Science and Engineering workforce. Also, according to Pew Research center, men in STEM earn salaries almost $15,000 higher than women per year, and around $33,000 higher than Latina and Black women earn per year. There are many causes for these issues, including gender stereotypes, confidence issues, lack of mentors/ role models, and many more.


I created this website in order to inspire girls to get involved in STEM, as well as to inform people about the discrepancies in the field. I hope that my site has motivated you to get involved in STEM, or to be more aware of the opportunities and struggles of women in the STEM field.

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