Jodi is a Professor of Mathematics at Boise State University, and co-Director of the interdisciplinary Computing PhD program. Jodi's favorite subject in high school was math, and she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. She went on to earn her B.S. with a major in math and minor in philosophy, as well as her M.S. and PhD in math. Now she is currently doing research in computational inverse methods mainly applied to problems in Geosciences, but also to more general imaging, signal processing, and machine learning problems. One challenge that she has faced is people saying she is a slow learner or not knowledgeable. However, she chooses to continue doing mathematics because she enjoys learning new things and working on hard problems. Jodi says that she tries to surround herself with people who support her, and not worry about what others think of her skills. One piece of advice she would give to girls interested in STEM is

"Do what you find interesting, not just what you think you are good at"

Another challenge which Jodi overcame was being told that the mathematics department at the university she attended viewed women, particularly married ones, differently. When she began her job as a professor, Jodi attended a meeting for women mathematicians with women leaders who empowered them and gave them good advice for success. Furthermore, she believes that creating more opportunities like this, where girls can have experiences with other girls and women, will ultimately help get more girls and young women involved in STEM.

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