Rebbekka is a Software Developer who does full-stack application development using Java, JSP, Unix Shell Scripting, PL/SQL, JavaScript, Pro*C, .NET, HTML, and CSS. As a kid, Rebbekka wanted to be a Doctor, and her favorite subject in high school was Calculus. She earned her B.S. in Bio-engineering, and now she loves helping her business users, making their lives easier, and their tasks quicker. She also loves how every day is different and brings new challenges to overcome. When asked what advice she would give to younger girls interested in STEM, Rebbekka said,

"Do it! Don't be afraid or intimidated. There are so many varied opportunities in every field you can imagine"

As a woman in STEM, Rebbekka has faced challenges such as having men repeat what you've said as if they came up with it, or men being given credit for something you've done. She says, "It is difficult to speak up for yourself sometimes, but that is what you have to do".