Yolonda is a Software Engineer, who designs, develops, and tests software for NASA's Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment (SGSS) project. She loves working with a great team and designing and solving complex problems. In high school, Yolonda's favorite subject was math, and she went on to earn her B.S. in Computer Science, and M.S. in Software Engineering. She also enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking, and creating Native American regalias. Some advice that she would give young women interested in STEM is

"Enroll in the different classes of STEM and learn the discipline of each. One will spark your interest!"

Yolonda also believes that more field trips and hands-on STEM projects would help get more girls involved in STEM. She herself said that her 3rd grade field trip to White Sands actually sparked her interest in engineering! Finally, Yolonda remarks that "being a minority woman in the STEM field has had its challenges, however [keeping] an open and direct communication with and having mentors and a sounding board has been key". Having mentors and women to look up to is an indispensable resource for girls pursuing STEM.

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